Public Survey | Land Development Plan Update

Participate in this Land Development Plan Survey to aid in the drafting of new land use plan maps, policies, and recommendations. This survey is where you can voice your opinion about current conditions and future aspirations for the City of Asheboro. This is your city, and you can impact how it grows.

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Español: Por favor complete la encuesta

A Land Development Plan helps to guide the city’s long-term growth and development and will:
• guide specific land use decisions (e.g. rezonings, infrastructure investment, etc.);
• use facts, data and community values to develop a future vision and identify community priorities;
• outline strategies to efficiently meet public needs; and
• ensure compliance with state statutes that require local governments to have a land use plan as part of its zoning administration.

Learn more about this project HERE. Asheboro_LDP_Social_Media_English_Revised