Information on Proposed Sunset Avenue Right-of-Way Reduction

The City of Asheboro has received a request from Mackey Property Holdings, LLC to close a portion of the public right-of-way for Sunset Avenue, between Davis Street and Church Street, in order to allow a building addition to the front of an existing structure. 

Upon review of the request and existing conditions, it has been determined that a closure would facilitate the continued development of downtown by permitting property owners to make improvements to the front of their buildings that currently they are unable to construct. It is important to note that closure would preserve at least five feet of public sidewalk along Sunset Avenue and there would be no impact to the street width itself.

The Asheboro City Council is scheduled to consider the closure request at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 10, 2021. 

Copies of the survey showing the area proposed to be closed are available for public inspection at Asheboro City Hall, located at 146 N. Church Street. Questions can be directed to David Hutchins, Public Works Director, at 336-626-1201 ext. 2202.