Water Treatment

Water Treatment Plant

Water Plant

The City of Asheboro obtains water for treatment from three lakes west of the city. The major sources are Lake Lucas with 1.25 billion gallons of capacity and Lake Reese with 2.4 billion gallons of capacity. Lake Bunch serves as an auxiliary water supply. These lakes are monitored regularly and used seasonally to ensure optimum drinking water quality.

Water is treated at the W.L. Brown Water Treatment Plant with a capacity of 12 MGD. Water is pumped from the treatment plant to customers through five high service pumps and stored in six storage tanks with a capacity of 6.66 million gallons. The operators at the treatment plant constantly monitor the system at all points to ensure a clean, pure water supply and strives to exceed requirements of the NCDEQ and EPA.

The total amount of water treated in 2018 was 1.760 billion gallons at an average daily consumption rate of 4.82 MGD