Wastewater Treatment

Waterwater Treatment Plant PhotoWastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Asheboro operates a 9.0 MGD (capacity) Trickling Filter / Nitrification Aeration type waste treatment facility that discharges into Haskett’s Creek, a class “C” stream. The total volume of wastewater treated in 2018 fiscal period was 1.523 billion gallons at an average daily flow of 4.17 MGD. The professional staff at the treatment plant constantly monitors the system to ensure effective treatment.


  • Provide adequate treatment of wastewater which is in accordance with current state and federal regulations
  • Enhance competent and responsible operational personnel through training, certification and pride in professional performance
  • Protect the treatment works for efficient operation through preventive maintenance programs
  • Ensure operational and treatment control through analytical laboratory performance and data analyses Utilize a beneficial disposal of wastewater sludge through a contractual land agricultural use program