Technical Services

Technical Services

The Technical Services Department oversees 16 Significant Industrial User permits, 4 Local permits, 2 Groundwater permits, and 29 dental dischargers under the Pretreatment Program & over 180 food service establishments and carwashes under the FOG Program. Technical Services is tasked with protecting the City of Asheboro's Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System as well as promoting the safety of its workers and the general public through the regulation and control of wastes discharged into the sewer system. 

Flushable or Not?

Do Not FlushMany products are marketed as "Flushable" even though they should never be disposed of down the toilet. Many of the products marketed as flushable cause problems once they reach the sanitary sewer system. Wipes and other products often get caught on debris, pumps, imperfections, or other trash in the sewer system and eventually cause an obstruction which leads to Sanitary Sewer Overflows. For more details and contact information please see our Flushables information.

Proper Medication Disposal

Pill BottleMedications should NEVER be disposed of down the drain. Once medication is flushed, it enters the Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) collection system and makes its way into the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). While the medications do not harm the collection system or the WWTP, they cannot be treated and broken down by conventional wastewater treatment methods. This means any medication you dispose of down the drain, simply finds its way into Hasketts Creek where Asheboro discharges their treated wastewater. Hasketts Creek is part of the Cape Fear River basin and is used as a drinking water source for many downstream users. All medications disposed of into the sanitary sewer system ends up back in our state waters unaltered which can harm the organisms, fish, and plant life in the water. Please visit Operation Medicine Drop for locations with drop boxes where you can properly dispose of your expired or unwanted medications no questions asked. Please no liquids or needles.

If you are starting a business, please contact Technical Services at 336-672-0892 x 217 to learn about Wastewater Discharge Permits. If you will be preparing food of any type, you will also need to learn about grease control requirements.