Utility Billing

For account holder questions, please call the Billing and Collection Department at 336-626-1222 or email billing@ci.asheboro.nc.us



In accordance with the City of Asheboro Code of Ordinances, the month end water/sewer billing invoice is produced on or before the last day of the month and is due by 5:00 pm on the 15th of the following month (Weekend due dates apply). If payment is not received by 5:00 pm on the 15th, a $10 late fee is assessed. All accounts not paid by 5:00 pm on the 25th of the month will be assessed a second $20 late fee. If payment is not received by 5:00 pm on the 25th of the month AND the account shows 2 months bills due, the account is subject to disconnection on the 26th of the month. A disconnection notice will be sent to these customers on or around the 16th of the month.

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Online through the customer portal

•             Over the phone through the customer portal

•             Through the mail (City of Asheboro, PO Box 2628 Asheboro, NC 27204-1106); Please allow time for delivery thru the US Postal Service

•             Draft payment option (four dates available)

•             At 24 hour payment kiosks located at 1453 North Fayetteville Street and 405 East Dixie Drive

Customer portal - online
Customers can access their account through our customer portal. In the customer portal, customers can see current account balance detail, payment history, usage history and pay their bill.  Customers can also set up their account for e-billing vs paper billing. To set up an account, click here ( https://asheboronc.authoritypay.com/)  and click on “set up online access”.  Customers should have their bill handy to get the  account number and a unique identifier assigned to the account called a CID.

customer portal - phone
The City of Asheboro uses a third party agency to collect payments made using a credit card over the phone.  Call 1-888-385-5471 to make your payment using a credit card over the phone. Customers will need their account number and CID when making a payment with a credit card. Payments made with a credit card will be posted electronically within one business day of the transaction time and date. (Please note, a $2.25 fee will be assessed by a third party collector.) 

view and pay your bill online
Customer Water and Sewer Invoices are available for viewing on-line through the CUSTOMER PORTAL. Customers also have the option to pay their bill through the customer portal.  See above about setting up your customer portal account. The cost to pay your bill online through the portal using a credit card is $2.25.

draft payment option
The City of Asheboro offers a draft payment option for utility bills. This allows customers the ability to have bills paid electronically each month from a bank account. Customers can choose from four different billing dates, allowing the payment to come from the account when it will be most convenient. Customers may cancel their draft if they decide not to continue with the program.  Cancellations must be received 2 days in advance of the due date in order to delete the draft prior to sending detail to the bank.  If you have questions about the draft payment option, call the Billing and Collection Department at 336-626-1222.

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The final utility bill will be calculated using the last meter reading taken when services are disconnected.  Usage charges are billed up to the point when the utility services are stopped.  The City does not prorate.  Any deposit on file is applied to the final bill.  Bills are sent out at the end of the month.  Any deposit refunds will be sent to forwarding address.

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Billing Department:

Water/Sewer Maintenance Division:
336-626-1234 x 2201

Water Resources Division:
336-626-1201 x 258