Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance is primarily responsible for maintenance of the city's streets. This includes, but is not limited to, a scheduled system of street repairs and maintenance to ensure safety and efficiency. The Street Department also oversees snow and ice removal, leaf collection, curb and gutter repair, storm drain maintenance, driveway maintenance and installation and the cleaning of drainage and side ditches.
Street Maintenance & Snow Removal
The City provides snow removal and street repair service on all city-owned streets. All streets with a US, NC or secondard road number are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

If you would like to report an issue or request information on a city-owned street, or if you are unsure which agency is responsible for a particular road, contact the City of Asheboro at 336-626-1234.

To contact NCDOT, call 336-625-2078.
Street Lights
To report a street light outage, call 336-626-1234 x 2218. You will need to know the pole number (the number posted on the side of the pole) or be able to give a detailed description of the pole location.
Street Signs
To report a damaged or missing street sign, contact JT Cox at 336-626-1234 x 2217 or
Sidewalk Repair and Potholes
To report sidewalk damage or street potholes, contact the Street Department at 336-626-1234 x 2206.
Leaf Collection
Leaves are collected by the City's Street Division. Leaves should be raked to the street and kept separate from yard waste and trash containers. There is no charge for the collection of leaves by the vacuum truck. Bagged leaves will not be picked up.

Asheboro Department of Public Works

1312 N. Fayetteville Street

Street Department:

336-626-1234 x 2206