Community Outreach

Explorer Program
The Asheboro Police Department is offering youth and young adults ages 15-20 a unique opportunity to apply for membership in its new Law Enforcement Exploring Post. “Explorers,” as members are called, participate in classes taught by veteran officers on topics including crowd control, traffic direction, first aid, community policing, patrol techniques, and many others. Activities are also scheduled during which Explorers get hands-on experience in law enforcement and emergency techniques. Explorers gain confidence and life experience through the program and work toward the reward of a ride-along with a patrol officer. Explorers may also be assigned to accompany patrol officers in the field for special events.

Law Enforcement Exploring is offered to businesses, professional organizations, and civic groups by Learning for Life Corp., and is administered locally through the Boy Scouts of America. The police department partnered with the Boy Scouts to reestablish an Exploring Post similar to one hosted locally in the 1980s. Exploring is a career-education program in which young adults gain practical experience through their respective posts. Explorers learn about career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and gain leadership experience. They also grow from positive leadership fostered by the adults in the post, which offers a safe, supportive, caring, and fun environment.

Fifteen membership positions have been created for the police department’s post. Prospective members submit an application, which is reviewed and considered by post advisors. Those advisors vote on acceptance of new members. New members are notified of their acceptance and their first meeting date.

A post committee oversees the operation of the program. Advisors attend classes to supervise Explorers, help instruct, and answer questions, among their many duties. The post also has several female advisors that attend classes to offer comfort and support for female members. Explorers are issued uniforms and conduct their own business meetings. They are eligible to obtain rank and move up in the leadership of the post. Explorers have a voice about classes and activities in which they would like to participate.

Space in the Exploring program is limited so please contact the police department if you are interested in the program or are the parents of a young adult who might be interested. Contact post committee chairperson Master Sergeant Greg Routh at 626-1300.
ride-along program

The purpose of the Asheboro Police Department ride-along program is to encourage community involvement in law enforcement and to enhance the lines of communication between the police department and the public it serves.  With better communication of the challenges, risks, and rewards of the police officer's role in the community, the Asheboro Police Department hopes to promote an environment of trust and mutual respect. 

Ride-along forms can be downloaded below and after completion brought to the Asheboro Police Department.  The ride-along form will be returned to the Records Division and after a background check, to determine eligibility in the program, the individual requesting a ride-along will be contacted.  For additional information contact Captain David Wagner at 336-626-1300 x 320. 

Asheboro Police Department Ride-Along form

The Asheboro Police Department is excited to announce the creation of the Asheboro Police Department Citizen’s Academy.  The overall goal of the program is to expand on the Asheboro Police Department’s ongoing effort to build relationships in the community, specifically by educating our community on law enforcement operations. The program affords members of the community the opportunity to learn more about the Asheboro Police Department, its programs, and to personally get to know the officers who are committed to keeping this community safe.

The citizen’s academy will be comprised of nine weekly sessions designed to provide an opportunity for members of this community to learn about current law enforcement practices in the city of Asheboro.  The program will offer a close look at the things law enforcement officers face on a daily basis, how these officers are trained, innovative crime-fighting strategies, legal and constitutional principles, the impact that law enforcement-citizen relationships have on the community, and much more.  In many cases, participants will be afforded the opportunity for hands-on, experiential learning, intended to provide the most realistic training possible. 
Some of the topics covered include arrest techniques, conducting traffic stops, police canine use, crime scene investigation, and an overview of the Asheboro Police Department structure, including its specialized units such as SWAT, Criminal Investigations Division, Traffic Division, Community Resource Team, and more.  In addition, participants will complete a “ride-along,” during which they will accompany an on-duty, sworn officer while he/she serves the community.

The number of participants is limited and restrictions apply.  Anyone interested in the Asheboro Police Department Citizen’s Academy is encouraged to call Master Sergeant Greg Routh at 336-626-2733 to discuss submitting an application.

Citizen's Academy dates for 2021:
Fall Session:  September 7th - November 9th, 2021 

Citizen's Academy Forms:
Asheboro Police Department Citizen's Academy Policies
Asheboro Police Department Citizen's Academy Application
Asheboro Police Department Citizen's Academy Waiver Agreement
Asheboro Police Department Ride-Along Form
Asheboro Police Department Photographic Consent and Release Form