Investigations is directed by the Investigations Major and includes the Criminal Investigations Division, Vice/Narcotics Unit, Special Enforcement Team (SET), and the Evidence Unit.

Criminal investigations division
The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is commanded by a Lieutenant who oversees a detective sergeant and eight detectives. These detectives are called to respond to the scene whenever an investigation reaches beyond the time or resource constraints of a patrol officer. Detectives are required to investigate crimes against persons (crimes including homicides, rapes, assault, etc.) and crimes against property (burglaries, larcenies, forgeries, auto thefts, etc.). This division cooperates with other city, state and federal agencies in investigating incidents and gathering of criminal intelligence data.
Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) are part of the Criminal Investigations Division. Crime Scene Investigators, Detectives Michael Fulk, Eric Snodgrass, and Joshua Macon, are responsible for assisting victims by gathering, processing, protecting and presenting evidence.

CSI Detective at Crime Scene
The motto of the Criminal Investigations Division is:  "Striving to develop pride and professionalism through the leadership, knowledge, and skills of each investigator while providing a professional service to the citizens of Asheboro."

vice/narcotics unit
A specialized unit that deals with more undercover and special operations than any other unit. Primarily dealing with illegal narcotics, these detectives come in contact with everything from an occasional user to a major drug trafficker. Narcotics detectives receive some of the most intensive specialized training offered by the Asheboro Police Department. By utilizing their specialized training, in conjunction with assistance from other agencies, they strive to reduce the effects of illegal narcotics inside the City of Asheboro. Currently the department has Federal Task Force Officers assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security Investigations.  Federal Task Force Officers are sworn City of Asheboro Police officers who are also deputized as federal agents, thus extending their jurisdiction. These partnerships provide the department with additional resources, thereby increasing the investigative possibilities available to the department in an effort to reduce the impact that illegal narcotics can have on the community. 
special enforcement team (SET)
The Special Enforcement Team is comprised of four officers and a sergeant. They are responsible for focusing their efforts on reoccurring and patterned criminal activity. SET commonly works street level drug enforcement; however, are flexible in their hours and may conduct covert or overt operations if an area within the city that has experienced an influx in vehicle break-ins or other criminal activity. SET also keeps track of current local fugitives and frequently serves offenders with active legal papers.  In an effort to reduce gun violence within the City of Asheboro a member of the Special Enforcement Team is assigned as a Federal Task Force Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

The mission of the Asheboro Police Department Evidence and Property Unit is to provide professional care, custody, and control of all property submissions held by the Asheboro Police Department. The Evidence and Property Control Unit is responsible for warehousing items identified as evidence, abandoned (found property), and recovered property as well as the lawful disposal of the property.  Additional information about the Evidence and Property Unit can be obtained here.