Code Enforcement

The City’s Code Enforcement Office works with Building Inspectors, the Zoning Administrator, Public Works and the Police Department to enforce ordinances adopted by the Asheboro City Council. Code Enforcement deals with a wide variety of issues, including:

  1. The abatement of public nuisances (A public nuisance includes conditions that exist on a parcel or parcels of land that are declared to be dangerous and prejudicial to the public health or safety. These conditions may include the overgrowth of noxious weeds and grass; the accumulation of junk, trash and debris; the accumulation of animal or vegetable matter; the open storage of building materials; abandoned appliances and similar items; and any condition detrimental to the public health.)
  2. Junked, nuisance and abandoned vehicles
  3. Unfit housing
  4. Land use issues

For more information on specific regulations found in the Code of Asheboro or to report a code complaint call 336-626-1201 x 237 or e-mail Please note that while you are not required to provide your name and/or contact information, providing this information will enhance our enforcement abilities and allow the opportunity for you to be updated on the status of the issue.

Code Enforcement Officer:

Chuck Garner
336-626-1201 x237