The Engineering Department provides engineering services that include planning, design, and inspection of capital improvements to streets, water and sewer utilities, and other public works projects. Technical assistance is also provided to other departments of the City involved in the operation and maintenance of streets, water and sewer utilities and other City owned facilities.

The Engineering Department is also involved in:

  • Developing and revising rate schedules
  • Reviewing subdivision maps and annexation petitions
  • Assigning street numbers
  • Managing water and sewer utility easements
  • Creating maps and drawings
  • Managing other matters relating to City owned property

Engineering staff assist the general public by providing information on streets, utilities, subdivisions, annexations and public works projects; answering complaints; and analyzing problems concerning City utilities and public works matters.
Engineering Information:
DRAFT ADA Transition Plan
Water Line Specifications

Standard Water Works Details
Sewer Line Specifications
Standard Sanitary Sewer Details

Connection Fees
City Driveway Permit Application

Annexation Petition
NC DOT Subdivision Roads Minimum Construction Standards (leaving City site)

336-626-1201 x 228.