Starting a Business

Before leasing or purchasing a property, you should contact the Planning and Zoning Department (located at 146 N. Church Street) to discuss your plans. This step might save you time and money!


  • The exact location of your proposed business is necessary to determine if zoning allows the proposed use at a particular location.
  • Requirements may vary depending on what was last permitted for the location you intend to use.
  • Zoning requirements vary based on site specific issues (parking, paving, landscaping, lighting, etc.) and the history of the property.
  • Building and fire code requirements can impact business operations, as well as the time and expense necessary to renovate buildings up to required codes.
  • Other licensure requirements (such as those relating to serving alcohol or preparing food) may also affect your business operations.

Every process begins at City Hall, where you'll meet with a member of the Planning and Zoning staff. To see how you will proceed, click on the link below that describes your circumstances:

If you’re completing a Change of Occupancy
This means that you’re starting a business in a location that was last permitted for that type of business (such as opening a restaurant in a building that was previously permitted for a restaurant)

If you’re completing a Change of Use
This means that you’re starting a business in a location that was not previously permitted for your type of business operation (such as turning an office building into an entertainment venue or changing an office building into an auto sales business)

If you will be constructing a new building for your business

If you are interested in starting a business in your home


  • Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce - The Chamber is organized to promote an environment conducive to the economic growth and well-being of the community and the businesses and citizens within it.
  • Business Link North Carolina - This is a network of state-wide, state-funded business resource providers offering services to North Carolina businesses.
  • NC Alcoholic Beverages Commission - Information on alcohol regulations and permits
  • NC Department of Revenue – Obtain your tax ID number
  • NC LIVE – FREE resource for anyone with a library card. This site provides access to business resources that may otherwise be restricted or available only by subscription, such as the Wall Street Journal and other top business publications.
  • Randolph County Public Health Department – Information on restaurant inspections and food safety requirements
  • Randolph County Register of Deeds - New businesses which are not incorporating may file a Notice of Doing Business Under an Assumed Name with the Register of Deeds. Assumed Name forms for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations doing business under an assumed name may be accessed below. The filer is responsible for researching the name for availability in Randolph County, but the Register of Deeds staff cannot perform this search.
  • Small Business Center – The Small Business Center supports the development of new business and the growth of existing businesses by being a community-based provider of education and training, counseling, resource information and referrals. The objective of the SBC is to increase the success rate and the number of viable small businesses in Randolph County by providing high quality, readily accessible assistance to prospective and existing small business owners and their employees.
  • NC Department of Commerce - Information on starting a business from the NC Department of Commerce
  • US Small Business Administration -This independent agency of the federal government aids, counsels, assists and protects the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. The SBA web site includes a wide range of detailed small business information, services and tools including the Small Business Training Network, a virtual campus offering on-line courses, publications and other forms of technical assistance.

If you have questions about Business Licenses, call 336-626-1201 x 217 or e-mail twilliams@

To contact the Planning & Zoning Department, call 336-626-1201.