Constructing a New Business Site

Starting a Business
Constructing a New Business Site

  • Visit City Hall and talk to Planning & Zoning Staff. They will assess your needs and provide guidance.
  • The City’s Staff Technical Review Committee will meet with you so that you can understand regulations related to Planning & Zoning, Building Inspections, Fire Inspections, Engineering, Public Works, Police, Fire, Water Resources and Environmental Services.
  • Submit your Zoning Compliance Permit Application, applicable plans and fees ($250, payable by cash or check).
  • Your plans will be reviewed and approved by staff.
  • Attend a pre-construction conference with staff and receive your building permits (fees payable by cash or check).
  • During the construction phase you will work with Building & Fire Inspectors.
  • The Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by Building Inspections and a Zoning Certificate will be issued by the Planning & Zoning Department.
  • If your business will be selling alcoholic beverages, you must obtain a city license from the Inspections Department after receiving your state ABC permit. You will need to pay your license fee by cash or check.

John Evans
Senior Planner
336-626-1201 x 225

  • Rezoning a property
  • Conditional and Special Use Permits
  • Subdividing a property
  • Transportation/
  • Pedestrian Planning
  • Asheboro Land Development Plan

Justin Luck
Zoning Administrator/Planner
336-626-1201 x 292

  • Opening a new business
  • Building a new building or addition
  • The Asheboro Zoning Ordinance
  • Zoning Variance
  • Historic Preservation

Brad Morton
Planning Technician/Deputy City Clerk
336-626-1201 x 212 

  • Property information
  • Signs
  • Board minutes
  • Bicentennial Park Bricks